Sitting Pretty: 121 South Hudson Avenue, Hancock Park

6 Bedrooms
7 Bathrooms
5828 sq. feet
Built 1930

Well this little darling has been on the market for 280 days as of this writing and doesn’t seem to be moving as fast as other properties in the neighborhood.  I wonder whatever could be the reason?!  Great street, great schools, perfect Beverly Hills alternative for those with dignity and grace…what is the issue?  Hmmmmmm.  I wonder.  But if you know the answer, vote in the poll above and let your voice be heard!

What this house needs is about $800,000 worth of renovations to bring back a lot of the charm that has been piddled away through 18 renovations too many.  For an example of what I mean, please see the Living Room photo:  the size of the room was expanded by filling in a loggia but leaving everything except the glass that  once was there.  So they didn’t really add to the room at all, they just kind of enclosed a loggia and now have an excellent 9′ x 25′ space to play shuffleboard or indoor Slip n’ Slide.  So…it’s obviously in need of help, but a good architect and a really good demo crew will have their work cut out for them.  As I said, the street is incredible, and if you did it right, you’d have yourself a great house you would keep for life.  Let’s make a deal!

The first BMW 7-Series was a good car but find one today and it’ll take a mountain of cash to make that old gal sing like she once did.  But, if you get one cheap enough and you know you’re going to keep it forever, a car like this is pretty much the ultimate 1980s luxury barge.

For more information, contact Susan Chadney of Keller Williams Hollywood Hills

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